Natural Penis Exercises and Techniques

There are many natural penis exercises that men use to try and increase penis size. If you are one of tese men and hope to learn how to naturally enlarge your penis, this is a great starting point. In this day and age, you and otehr men who wish to enchance their penises will be bombarded with advertisements for all kinds of pills, devices, and strategies for doing so. However, none of these will really work, and, if they do, they will not have a lasting effect and may cause health complications, putting you in physical danger. Certain natural penis enlargement exercises, however, have been known to work for some, though unfortunately not all, men. However, attempting these exercises and faithfully sticking to them will always have a better result than falling for the latest marketing strategy!

One of the most popular natural penis enlargement exercises is a technique called jelqing, sometimes referred to as milking, due to the type of movement performed. In this exercise, you would simply wrap two fingers around your penis and then make a milking type action with the hands. This process will increase the amount of blood flow to the penis, making one’s penis length longer. If you practice this exercise regularly, it is very likely that you will notice an increase in penis size, particularly during erections. Unfortunately, this exercise will need to continue being performed in order for you to maintain the increased size.

Another answer you might find when you ask how to naturally enlarge your penis is penis stretching. As its name implies, this is any exercise that requires one to stretch the tissues of the penis on purpose and for an extended period of time. There is a great deal of debate over whether this has any effect or not with some men swearing by it and others saying it does not work. If you decide to try this exercise, however, you should practice great caution to never stretch or pull too hard or too frequently as this could cause serious, permanent damage to the penis.

Finally, there are kegel exercises, a set of movements that many men previously thought were just for women. During kegels, one practices flexing and tightening the pubococcygeus muscle as often as is possible and is comfortable. Though many men believe this will increase their penis size, this exercise is actually better for increasing the length of time you can hold your erection. However, penises tend to grow larger the longer they are erect, so there is some truth in the male-enhancing aspect of it.

With all the information on male enhancement that one can find, it should come as no surprise that many many men struggle with the size of their penis and wish that they had a larger member. You should take comfort in the fact that you can practice natural penis exercises to increase the size of your penis.