Penis Size Exercises and Techniques

If a guys is really worried about the size of his penis, there are several penis size exercises that can be done to help to enlarge the penis. It is important for guys to know that most of the issues related to penis size are in the guys head. Women have consistently said that penis size is unimportant. The more critical issue is how the guys uses his penis and the entire lovemaking situation. A guy that may have a slightly smaller than average penis might make a girl feel so much better that she does not even notice and difference. In fact, most women would say that they even prefer this sort of situation because the guy will be less inhibited. Even if a guy has a large penis, he may be a complete head case in bed and could screw the situation up. Therefore it is important to really consider carefully the different motivations to try to increase the penis. In most situations it will be for the guy, and not for the girl. That would make the situation a little ridiculous and lead a guy to focus on the important issues of lovemaking such as foreplay and making the girl feel great.

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But if a guy must persist concerns about the size of his penis, there are ways to exercise to increase penis size. Some of the procedures can be painful and awkward, so a person should not try to many at one time. If at any time the penis is uncomfortable, the guy should stop. All of the methods to exercise your penis should not cause any trauma as that could result in scarring and permanent problems. That is one way to keep the penis small and ruin the penis for sexual activity.

The oldest way to exercise your penis is the milking manuevers. These techniques are also called jelqing and promise to stretch the penis. The technique is performed by using a milking motion along the penile shaft while the penis is flaccid. A partial erection can be started and then reduced. The procedure should not be performed on an erect penis as it could damage the penis. One of the advantages of the jelqing technique is that it can also help to prolong the erection. By practicing the reduction of the stimulus on the penis, a guy can learn how to last longer during intercourse and enjoy sex for a longer time. This will help him and also help his partner to enjoy sex for a longer period of time. These natural penis exercises are not promised to have a large effect, but may have a small benefit. The exercise to increase penis size are much better than any surgical option due to the risks involved with such a procedure. A guy should never do anything that puts his penis at risk, such as hanging weight or otherwise causing trauma. These methods would be dangerous and safer penis size exercises should be substituted for the best effect.

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